About Us

Since 1994, Cenpatico® has provided comprehensive managed behavioral healthcare services for vulnerable and underserved populations. We are now part of the Envolve PeopleCare, part of the Envolve family of companies, focused on relentlessly improving health and life behaviors, one person at a time.  With continued support by our parent company, Centene Coporation, the leading multi-line healthcare enterprise operating local health plans and offering a wide range of health insurance solutions to individuals across the country, we are poised to assist all of our members in the best manner possible.

Our members are enrolled in publicly-funded programs including Medicaid (TANF), CHIP, ABD/SSI, the Child Welfare System, and Medicare.

Cenpatico® offers agencies, health plans, and states solutions to administer healthcare services more effectively. Our specialties include managed care solutions for behavioral health, foster care, specialty therapy and rehabilitative services, specialized school services, and community re-entry programs.

We are a national leader in care management. Our programs are tailored to the unique needs of each community we serve. We operate in multiple states with an active local presence. Our members receive care from local teams that truly understand the specific needs of their communities. We continually introduce innovative clinical initiatives and network strategies in all markets, designed to create quality service delivery systems.