Behavioral Health

Cenpatico® manages behavioral health programs that are among the most innovative in the nation. We manage care through comprehensive service plans, which may include goals involving employment, housing, education, and social involvement. We support our members with services, such as peer and family support, that help keep them in their communities.

For example, in Arizona, members have access to coordinators and job coaches to help obtain and maintain employment. We employ a Peer Business Coach to work specifically with people in recovery who wish to start their own business.

Cenpatico’s® success in managing care effectively is due to our focus on outcomes for members. Our Intensive Care Managers and Care Coordinators are the staff that make this happen. They provide support for members transitioning from one level of care to another, through coordination and advocacy. Our Care Coordinators work directly with members to help them overcome any barriers to achieving their goals. They help to arrange appointments and link members with transportation, utility assistance, clothing, and food bank programs.

Intensive Care Managers and Care Coordinators use our Caring Voices program to help members stay connected. We provide members with cell phones preprogrammed with numbers of family, caregivers, providers, case managers, and crisis lines.