What We Do

Cenpatico’s Division of School-Based Services offers a broad continuum of special education and related services to address all students’ educational and therapeutic needs.  Whether students are enrolled and serviced in one of Cenpatico’s School Programs as an extension of a public school system’s special services continuum, or they are enrolled in one of the many public school systems which Cenpatico services as an extension of its network of Specialty Providers, our goal is the same: ensure that students receive a level of special education services which is clinically appropriate to their needs, and that maximizes their educational benefit.

We provide special education and therapy services through an evidence-based and collaborative approach for addressing a variety of academic, behavioral, and social needs. We focus on teaching strategies and skills which improve the level of functional independence for each student.  Students participate in a variety of push-in and pull-out activities geared toward increasing each student’s functional skills; our programming is adapted to students’ needs with an emphasis on creating positive behavioral change which is able to be generalized across multiple settings. As learning does not end when the school day does, our collaborative team approach includes working with outside service providers and families to create a continuum of care for students.