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Cenpatico’s School Programs offer highly specialized and therapeutic educationalenvironments which support the individualized learning and developmental needs of our students.  Admission, or placement, in one of Cenpatico’s School Programs is only permissible through the IEP process.  Placement decisions are based on student needs relative to educational, emotional, behavioral, and social performance within each school or district’s least restrictive environment.

Each student who is placed at one of Cenpatico’s School Programs will have an IEP, which is updated to reflect the newly established goals and criteria for successful transition back to the district’s least restrictive environment.  Our program personnel use these goals and criteria to consistently guide their educational planning, and to report each student’s progress to the IEP Team.  Our approach allows the Team to effectively monitor progress and determine the ideal transition plan and timeframe; additionally, it helps us to proactively determine which supports and services are most effective and which ones may need to be continued in order to support maximum progress.

For SY 2011/2012, Cenpatico Schools transitioned 35-40% of enrolled students from its Programs to a district’s least restrictive environment (LRE); this rate of transition is an average total across all existing Programs for the school year.  The ability to effectively educate students and prepare them for transition back to a district’s LRE is a hallmark of Cenpatico’s service model and approach.