For Families

Each of Cenpatico’s Programs have been developed in response to the identified needs of public school systems, with the purpose of providing special education placement and programming for students whose disabilities or behaviors have become too complex to address in a less specialized school environment. Cenpatico Schools currently operates three state-approved EDP or Private Day Programs in Arizona and one in Colorado:

Recognizing the importance of generalizing positive behavioral improvement across school, community, and home environments, we strive to develop strong relationships with students and their families. Cenpatico’s primary objective for each student enrolled in its programs is to develop the requisite skills necessary to support a full transition to a district’s least restrictive environment. We work with the home school and district throughout the IEP process to establish goals, services, and supports which accelerate this transition.

Since 2008, Cenpatico Schools has measured the levels of satisfaction for the parents/guardians of our enrolled students, confirming the following results:

  • 92% of parents/guardians believe that Cenpatico’s staff encourages educational achievement
  • 95% are satisfied with staff-to-parent communications
  • 94% believe that Cenpatico’s staff effectively address students’ behavioral needs
  • 94% believe that Cenpatico prepares¬† their child to return to a less restrictive environment