Our Providers

Provider PictureProvider Engagement

Our relationship with service providers is a partnership. Our role in that partnership includes providing tools, training, and technical assistance to ensure successful claim submissions and payment. We developed best practices to ensure timely and accurate payment to our network providers. We provide a dedicated Claims Call Center so providers can speak with staff and see same-day corrections of claims.

“We process 99.98% of all claims within 30 days.”

Our average time from claim receipt to paid claim is six days. Our provider satisfaction survey showed that 91% of our contracted providers across all markets were satisfied with the support we provided regarding claims remittance. Strong results like these back our promise of service for providers.

Our comprehensive provider networks offer patient-centered health homes, peer services, and telehealth. We contract with individual providers (psychiatrists, advanced nurse practitioners, psychologists, independently-licensed master-level clinicians, and rehabilitative therapists), community mental health centers, chemical dependency treatment facilities, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), and local hospitals.

We collaborate with providers to ensure that our members are receiving evidence-based practices and the most effective treatment.