Our Culture

Our CultureOur Culture within Cenpatico is defined as, “A set of interpersonal skills that allow individuals to increase their understanding, appreciation, acceptance, and respect for cultural differences and similarities within, among, and between groups, and the sensitivity to know how these differences influence relationships with participants.”

We are committed to the development, strengthening, and sustaining of healthy provider/ participant relationships.

Participants are entitled to dignified, appropriate, and quality care. When health care services are delivered without regard for cultural differences, Participants are at risk for sub-optimal care. Participants may be unable or unwilling to communicate  their healthcare needs in an insensitive environment, reducing effectiveness of the entire health care process. Cenpatico, as part of its credentialing and site visit process, will evaluate the cultural competency level of our provider network and will provide access to training and tool-kits to assist our Network Providers in developing culturally competent and culturally proficient practices.  

Our providers must ensure the following:

  • Participants understand that they have access to medical interpreters, signers, and TTY services to facilitate communication without cost to them.
  • Care is provided with consideration of the Participants’ race/ ethnicity and language and its impact/ influence of the Participant’s health or illness.
  • Office staff that routinely come in contact with Participants have access to and participate in cultural competency training and development.
  • Office staff responsible for data collection make reasonable attempts to collect race and language specific Participant information.
  • Treatment plans are developed and clinical guidelines are followed with consideration of the Participants race, country of origin, native language, social class, religion, mental or physical abilities, heritage, acculturation, age, gender, sexual orientation, and other characteristics that may result in a different perspective or -decision-making process.
  • Office sites have posted and printed materials in English, Spanish, or other prevailing languages within the region.

Our detailed Cultural Competency Plan is available by clicking the link below, along with other valuable resources.  

Cenpatico’s Cultural Competency Plan Quarterly updates