National Anti-Bullying Campaign

KansasBG Cenpatico and our parent company, Centene, are teaming up with Children’s National Health System to put a stop to bullying through education and empowerment. The Anti-Bullying Campaign, “No Bullying Zone,” will educate students, teachers and parent across the country on how to prevent, identify and appropriately intervene with bullying in school-aged children. The initiative kicked off in October 2013 in Washington, D.C., during Nation Anti-bullying Awareness Month, and the collaboration on these efforts will continue for three years.

“Cenpatico is working on multiple fronts to address the critical problem of bullying and its impact on children and youth,” said Sam Donaldson, Cenpatico’s CEO and President. “Kids who act out and bully others are many times victims themselves. Parents, teachers, counselors, all of us need to be aware and intervene when bullying occurs and then address the issues for the bully and the kids being bullied.”

We hope these resources will help in this important campaign: (National – Bullying App)

  • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is the agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that leads public health efforts to advance the behavioral health of the nation. The KnowBullying app, by SAMHSA, has simple conversation starters to begin a discussion about bullying with your child.

Anti-Bullying Campaign of Central Texas (Texas)

  • Anti-Bullying Campaign of Central Texas is a forum for conversation, action, endorsement, as well as community and social activism against bullying in the Central Texas region. Through ABC-CT one can become a sponsor and become educated on where bullying occurs and how to prevent the continuation of bullying. (Texas)

  • StopBullying is an information hub that breaks down anti-bullying laws & policies in Texas. Here you can become educated on the definitions in various kinds of bullying and what policies are in place at the District, State, and Federal levels. (National)

  • The Huffington Post is a prestigious news website that has launched an anti bullying campaign where stories are uploaded and shared through the United States. Through the Huffington Post, one can become more aware of the campaigns that are occurring throughout various communities. (National)

  • The United Federation of Teachers has launched a Be BRAVE Against Bullying campaign. The UFT’s BRAVE campaign aims to combat bullying in our schools. Short for Building Respect, Acceptance and Voice through Education, the BRAVE campaign provides educators, parents and students with the tools, knowledge and support to be pro-active in confronting and stopping bullying. (National)

  • The “I Choose” campaign is a challenge and movement for change. It’s about recognizing bullying for what it is: a choice. What you say or do to someone has the power to affect that person’s life. The campaign challenges people to stop, think and remember that their choices matter. (National)

  • is a federal website that educates and informs the definitions and ramifications of bullying at various levels. Through this site one can learn about cyber bullying, who is at risk, how to prevent bullying, responding to bullying, and receiving help in spreading the message against bullying. (National – Celebrity Endorsed)

  • is a non-profit that hosts a variety of campaigns that tackles social injustices and health concerns. Their anti-bullying campaign is one of their larger projects that allows people to spread the word of anti-bullying through technology and community involvement. (National – Celebrity Endorsed)

  • STOMP Out Bullying, a national anti-bullying and cyberbullying program for kids and teens, is a signature program of Love Our Children USA, the national nonprofit leader in fighting violence against children since 1999.  Created in 2005, STOMP Out Bullying™ focuses on reducing and preventing bullying, cyberbullying, sexting and other digital abuse, educating against homophobia, racism and hatred, decreasing school absenteeism, and deterring violence in schools, online and in communities across the country. (National – LGBT focus)

  • The It Gets Better Project was created to show young LGBT people the levels of happiness, potential, and positivity their lives will reach – if they can just get through their teen years. The It Gets Better Project wants to remind teenagers in the LGBT community that they are not alone — and it WILL get better.