Our Members

Our Members - Mother and Daughter Member Directed Care

At Cenpatico, we work with the whole person, not just their illness. We want to inspire hope for recovery. Members help with  their own treatment. Each plan is designed to fit each member’s goals. We believe everyone can recover.  We work to help our members help take part in their health choices.

Many members have both mental and physical health illnesses. Cenpatico works with health plans to organize the treatment of both illnesses. Our staff helps members learn about these illnesses and how to get needed care.

Cenpatico manages behavioral health benefits for many groups of people.  We serve adults with Severe Mental Illness (SMI), adults with both psychiatric and substance abuse disorders, and adults with both mental and physical health conditions.

Our clinical and member services teams provide support for adult members.  We keep each member’s own needs in mind. We offer options for care coordination and utilization management programs.  Our goal is to help bridge the gap in planning care and providing options. We want to help members get over  walls to recovery such as housing, transportation, and employment.

Cenpatico is dedicated to giving seniors the tools needed to recover.  We want them to reach their best level of wellness. We do this by scheduling timely services. We also support following medication and treatment guidelines. We work with seniors to help them overcome walls that keep them from getting the resources they need.

Cenpatico is a leader in providing new  services for families, children, and teens.  These include those with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (IDD), Severe Emotional Disturbances (SED), and co-occurring physical and behavioral health conditions.

Children that suffer from behavioral health issues may have the same problems at home and in school. Our staff reaches out to families to help them use the system.  We offer other help such as transportation; help finding childcare, and local resources.

Our clinical focus and our passion for serving people makes the difference for our members.