Health Passport

The Health Passport collects key Member health information and stores it in a secure website. Medical Consenters, health care providers, DFPS caseworkers and some people who work for STAR Health may have access to the information. To learn more about the Health Passport or how to access the Health Passport, click the links below:

  • Health Passport FAQs – for information about the Health Passport, and how to register with our website to access the Health Passport.
  • Health Passport Online Training Tools – get valuable training on how to use the Health Passport, along with reference documentation you can print or download.
  • Health Passport Forms – PDF versions of the forms available via the Health Passport available for print/download. These forms include all Texas Health Steps assessment forms that are required to be included in the Health Passport. Providers may complete the forms electronically within the Health Passport website or print them off here, complete them, and then mail or fax them in using the cover letter also found in this Resources section.

Please note that the Health Passport is not an Electronic Medical Record. It will NOT contain ALL immunizations, visits, allergies, labs, or medications, but rather only those that Superior is made aware of via claims and/or state-supplied and provider-supplied data. Please use this tool as a general overview of a child’s past and present care and conditions. HOWEVER, THE HEALTH PASSPORT SHOULD NOT REPLACE OR OVERRIDE RECORDS OBTAINED DIRECTLY FROM STATE AGENCIES OR PROVIDERS.