Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder - Best-Practice Intervention Strategies*

  • Conduct client education and family education as appropriate
  • Increase recognition of symptoms and signs of episodes
  • Confirm diagnosis of co-morbid conditions and treat accordingly
  • Monitor medication compliance and side effects
  • Regulate daily routines for sleep, activity, and relaxation
  • Increase awareness of interactions between medications and various foods,¬†over-the-counter medications, as well as alcohol and caffeine
  • Identify stressors that trigger manic or depressive moods/episodes
  • Develop effective stress management skills
  • Identify positive coping skills for managing emotions
  • Increase awareness of signs of relapse
  • Develop personal support system and a plan for emergencies with support persons
  • Stress the need for continued medication compliance after stabilization

* Compiled by Cenpatico from multiple sources; citations available upon request.
Last Updated 1/27/11