Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder - Best-Practice Intervention Strategies*

  • Participate in a medical evaluation to rule out any medical conditions that may be causing or contributing to anxiety
  • Participate in a psychiatric evaluation and take all medications as prescribed
  • Develop and practice positive coping skills to manage stress and anxiety (Such as adequate rest, proper nutrition, physical exercise, and recreational activities/hobbies)
  • Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and guided imagery
  • Learn to recognize the difference between emotional and physical reactions to anxiety
  • Participate in systematic desensitization of feared stimuli while practicing relaxation strategies
  • Identify a social support team and increase participation in social activities
  • Identify negative self-talk and replace with positive statements
  • Involve family members in psycho-education about anxiety to increase
  • Understanding and support
  • Recognize, verbalize and address unresolved emotional issues

* Compiled by Cenpatico from multiple sources; citations available upon request.
Last Updated 1/27/11