Foster Care Programs

Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of children in Foster Care. We have a range of healthcare services available; these are based on a child’s behavioral health issues, co-morbidity, and severity of trauma.

Service Management

Our Service Management Program is staffed with a team of licensed clinicians who perform case management activities over the telephone.  A screening tool is used to determine the children in Foster Care whose needs indicate that Service Management would be beneficial.  Once a child or youth is enrolled in Service Management, our staff coordinate with CPS Caseworkers, caregivers, and treatment providers to develop a service plan.  We track progress, using assessments that measure level of functioning and problem severity.  The Service Manager then follows up on a schedule that meets the needs of the child and is agreed upon by the Medical Consenter.

FosterCareTeam286x287Service Coordination

Our Service Coordination team is staffed with Bachelors level behavioral health staff.  This service is intended for those who demonstrate a need for behavioral health support but do not need the more intensive support offered by the Service Management team.  Service Coordinators work with CPS Caseworkers and caregivers to provide referrals to needed resources.  We follow up by phone and base the level of follow up on the child’s needs.   A Service Coordinator will reach out to a Medical Consenter or caregiver at least once every 90 days to discuss the child’s progress.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Management (IDDM)

Children and youth who have been diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability are screened for eligibility for this specialized Service Management Program.  As part of this program, we complete a needs assessment targeted at areas that are related to the child’s IDD diagnosis.  We have services and supports in place to address the unique needs of this population.  Our Service Managers make an effort to give referrals to providers who utilize best practices for working with those who have an intellectual or developmental disability.  Service Managers also work closely with CPS Developmental Disability Specialists to ensure that the child’s educational needs are met and that the child is referred to appropriate waiting lists for Medicaid waiver programs.

Complex Case Management (CCM)

This specialized Service Management program is designed for those children and youth who are frequently hospitalized in psychiatric facilities due to the severity of their behavioral health symptoms.  Our Service Managers for this program work closely with CPS Caseworkers, caregivers, and providers  in an effort to decrease the frequency of hospitalizations.  A service plan is developed that incorporates the strengths and desired outcomes of the child and caregiver(s).  Frequent follow up phone calls are made by the Service Manager, at minimum once every 30 days.