Foster Care

Foster Care

We have managed the behavioral healthcare for all 30,000 youth in foster care in the state of Texas since April 2008. By partnering with behavioral health providers, foster parents, Child Protective Services caseworkers, child services organizations, and health plan staff, we have become a care team that creates solutions for this unique population.

Cenpatico® offers unique management services for children in foster care. We go beyond simply managing behavioral health benefits and act as the hub for all information related to the child’s care. We facilitate the sharing of relevant information among the care team.

Every child in foster care has experienced some degree of trauma, including the trauma that results from being removed from his/her home and, often, separated from siblings. We provide extensive trauma training to case workers, foster families, child placing agencies, residential treatment centers, and others within the child welfare system, utilizing the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit.

Our clinical trainers have provided Trauma Informed Care trainings to over 13,000 attendees, including child protective services workers, child placement agency staff, providers, foster care parents, judicial staff, and other members of the community, through 832 separate training sessions across the state of Texas.

Supporting best practices in prescribing psychotropic medications is of paramount importance for children in foster care. The primary function of our Psychotropic Medication Utilization Review (PMUR) program is to monitor quality of care, to ensure that children in foster care are receiving appropriate medication regimens, when needed.


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