Speech Therapy

speech therapy imageCommunication is an essential life skill which directly contributes to a person’s functional independence and overall quality of life.  Speech Therapy works on many aspects of communication, including articulation, receptive and expressive language, conversational skills, social skills, and pragmatics.  Communication needs are child and family specific, and at times include augmentative communication devices or other forms of assistive technology.

Cenpatico’s team of school-based Speech Therapists works in partnership with public school systems in Arizona. They work as an integrated member of eligible students’ IEP Teams to identify and support their speech therapy needs, with the primary goal of improving overall educational performance and access to general education.  Speech Therapists are trained to evaluate a complex array of communication and language disorders.  They consult with teams as well as conduct individual, small group, and web-based sessions to effectively increase each student’s ability to communicate.

All of Cenpatico’s Speech Therapists–whether they are a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, a Speech-Language Technician, or a Speech-Language Pathologist with a Certificate of Clinical Competency–are provided with routine clinical supervision and training in a variety of specialties; as an extension of Cenpatico’s Specialty Service Providers, they are versed in the discipline-specific guidelines for providing quality speech therapy as well as ensuring it aligns with all state and federal regulations relative to the provision of Special Education under IDEA.