Occupational Therapy

occupational therapyWhether at one of Cenpatico’s School Programs, or within a public school system, our Occupational Therapists help students develop gross and fine motor skills, in and out of the classroom.  Students work on improving mobility, balance, coordination, and control of their bodies.  In addition, they work on developing a sense of self-advocacy and self-regulation so they may get their needs met in a variety of settings, in or out of school.

Ensuring that students develop a strong sense of self-advocacy and self-regulation promotes students’ ability to problem solve and develop more effective coping strategies when they are challenged, thereby improving performance at school, in the community, and at home.  By focusing on students’ organizational skills, and designing interventions to promote independence in self-management, they are able to demonstrate better school outcomes associated with completing work, handing in assignments, and tracking their belongings as well as their own progress.

Direct therapy for students is only one part of the equation for success; as such, our clinicians consult with parents/guardians, teachers, and instructional aides so that they can learn strategies for effectively integrating and supporting clinical interventions in the classroom, school environment, home, and community.  Consistent reinforcement of newly acquired skills across settings allows for increased independence and self-efficacy, thereby allowing students to successfully participate in a broader range of routine life experiences.