Join Our Team

Everyone want to be part of a company that works together to make a difference in the lives of millions!

Cenpatico® is THAT company!

Cenpatico® is a national, publicly traded company that currently operates Medicaid managed care plans and a provider of private special education day programming and related services. We provide innovative service combinations of health solutions. Our experience in providing specialized education and therapeutic services to students across the disability spectrum as well as our commitment to growth has made us a leader in the healthcare services field. Our members are real people with real health issues, and it is our mission to provide better health outcomes at lower costs.

Caring is more than a business opportunity with Cenpatico®, It is the reason we exist.

It is the reason we choose to excel. It is the reason our employees nationwide are valued, respected and rewarded. It is the reason we have doubled in size in the last three years.

It is also the reason we can hardly contain ourselves when we meet people who have the spark for providing care the same way we do. You know if  it is in you, and we welcome it, embrace it, and reward it.

What we offer is unique.

Our employees get to contribute to the health and welfare of Americans, getting a real chance to make a difference each day.