Program Design

teacher and studentSince 1995, Cenpatico Schools has developed and implemented more than a dozen programs in Maricopa, Pima, and Pinal Counties.  Each Program has been designed to support students in the following settings: Emotional Disability Private Placement (EDP), Private Day Program, Self-Contained, and Alternative Education.  We work with public school systems to develop programming and placement options which accelerate students’ educational outcomes, address local specialized programming needs, and maximize the use of district resources for effectively meeting the needs of all students.

We view our Programs as an extension and critical component of the local school systems’ special services continuum; and, we work tirelessly with our Public Partners to effectively align our Programs and Services as seamlessly as possible with local programming needs and options.  We view each of Cenpatico’s Customers as true partners in the process of tailoring the requested Programs and Services to specifically address the needs of their Students and Families.

We recognize that by working together to share the organizations’ collective knowledge and resources, we can not only serve Students at the highest end of the continuum but impact the quality of service provision for Students at all levels of the continuum.  By exploring and defining mutual needs or interests, we develop short and long-term goals regarding student service provision, and develop solutions to achieve identified goals. To begin exploring programming options with Cenpatico Schools, please contact us directly.