Teacher and studentCenpatico admits students through each public school system’s Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team (MET) and IEP Team processes. Once a student’s needs—intellectual, emotional, behavioral, social, or physical—are determined to be beyond the scope and capacity of what a public school system can offer as part of its educational continuum, the IEP Team can decide the required type of special education programming and related services which will accelerate the student’s ability to access the general curriculum in the least restrictive environment.

Since each of Cenpatico’s School Programs is developed relative to the needs of the host or local school districts, our Programs are designed to support the needs of enrolled students as an extension of the district’s Special Service Continuum. Tuition Rates are established in relation to student populations served, the scope of services provided, and the program’s location. If your district has a student, or group of students, you are considering for placement in an EDP or Private Day Program, please contact us directly .