Company Overview

Our Strengths

True Local Control and Influence

We empower local teams to make decisions and give them the tools to provide the best outcomes for members. We believe local staff know the needs of their communities the best.

Ability to successfully work with fragmented funding streams and government systems

We successfully bridge funding streams and government systems that are fragmented across counties and rural areas.

Embrace Cultural Competency

We believe that in order to increase positive outcomes, we need to engage members in a culturally competent way. Culture is important. It is how we see ourselves and relate to the world around us.

At Cenpatico®, we embrace culturally competent care.

We require our providers to undergo extensive training and offer the tools to assist with treatment.

We have a wealth of experience with rural populations and the nature of rural and rugged environments. We also understand the need to develop peer supports in these rural areas where access to services is often more limited.

We have a telehealth infrastructure built into our provider networks. This system helps provide access for rural areas and creates opportunities to improve peer supports to challenge addictions for disparate members.

We are Innovators

At Cenpatico®, there is no such thing as the status quo.

We have introduced pilot programs and new products in all of our markets that are tailored to the needs of that specific population.

  • Cenpatico’s Psychotropic Medication Utilization Review (PMUR) process, created in 2008, has produced improvements in oversight and monitoring of psychotropic medication use in children in the Texas foster care system. The subsequent policy and health care delivery model changes have resulted in improved medication utilization for children and youth in foster care.  The data provided below highlights the impact of this review process on psychotropic medication use from implementation in 2008 through FY2011 in Texas.
      • A 22% reduction in overall psychotropic medication use.
      • A class polypharmacy utilization decrease of 36%.
      • A 42% decrease of using 5 or more medications.
  • We recognized a lack of coordination for children, so we introduced our Hope Bear program*. This program provides members ages 4-18 with a package containing a Hope Bear, a $10 gift card, and a book about feelings when the member attends their 7-day follow up appointment following discharge from the hospital. We have increased follow up appointment rates by 3.5% since 2007.
  • We discovered that reaching members after discharge from the hospital is often challenging in some markets, so we introduced our Caring Voices program. This program provides members with free cell phones that are pre-programmed with numbers for their providers and our clinical staff; this is particularly helpful for members that do not have a stable place to live. We have reduced inpatient admissions by 43% for members who participate in this program.

Part of our philosophy is to give back to the communities we serve.

  • In April of 2011, Cenpatico® provided $25,000 in community re-investment funding to help build a new Crossroads Mission family shelter that provides 100 beds for needy families in Yuma County in Arizona. In March of 2011, Cenpatico® provided a $75,000 grant to the town of Parker, Arizona, for re-investment in the community where needed.
  • Cenpatico® has been a long-time supporter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). From 2007 to 2010, we have provided over $55,000 to local NAMI chapters to support various NAMIWalks, state conferences, and annual awards ceremonies. In addition, many Cenpatico® employees have served on NAMI committees and raised funds for NAMIWalk events.

* in select markets