Recovery & Resiliency

Recovery means being able to live a full and useful life in spite of behavioral health struggles.  Recovery can happen when symptoms of the illness are lowered or taken away.  Behavioral health struggles can be defeated and people can gain life skills.

Cenpatico® employees are caring people who believe that recovery for people with mental illness is possible. People can recover from mental illness and behavioral health struggles.

Resiliency means the personal and community qualities that protect kids and adults from shock, hard times, things that cause stress. Resiliency helps people defeat hardship.

We believe all people can increase skills that create and improve resiliency. Communities play a part in personal resiliency. Community programs and services create a safety net for people.

We fund programs and services that promote recovery. This builds resiliency for people of all ages.  We work with our providers to help people to reach personal goals, get jobs they enjoy, help kids in doing well in school, help all members give back to society, and work with their neighbors.

We help with personal recovery by  inspiring the HOPE of recovery. With hope, people will believe they can overcome the effects of serious mental illness. They will believe they can live happy and useful lives and have good relationships.

We also work with our providers to offer education about symptoms (warning signs of illness). People can be well educated supporters for their family members. People and families should know about symptoms, treatments, and services. This can help them work better with their health care providers. All people and families involved can fully take part in choosing. They can decide the best choices that will lead to their recovery and resiliency.

People who have hope go on to take charge of their health.  They understand that wellness is a way of life. People with mental illness can learn about different treatments and “wellness tools” and do the things that work best for them. Our network is designed help each member to find and create the plan that will work best for their recovery and resiliency.