Our Culture

Members- Hands reading brail Cenpatico’s culture is defined as, “A set of interpersonal skills that allow individuals to increase their understanding, appreciation, acceptance, and respect for cultural differences and similarities within, among, and between groups, and the sensitivity to know how these differences influence relationships with participants.”

Our goal is to make the relationship between the member and the provider, better.

At Cenpatico, we believe members should get no less than quality care.  Healthcare should not be given without thinking about things that make us different in our cultures.  This could cause members to be at risk for lower level care than they deserve.  Members may not be able to explain their healthcare needs.  This could take away from the healthcare experience for the member.  It is our goal to look at the cultural level of understanding of our providers, often.  We will make sure training is given to help our Providers.

Your provider needs to make sure that:

  • Members know that they are able to have free medical interpreters, signers, and TTY services.
  • Thinking about the member’s history is part of the healthcare growth.
  • Office staff who contact members are given cultural skills training..
  • Office staff needs to bring member information up to date, often.
  • Treatment plans will be created by thinking about member history.
  • Anything printed at an office site should be in English, Spanish, or other local languages.

Our detailed Cultural Competency Plan is available by clicking the link below, along with other valuable resources.  

Cenpatico’s Cultural Competency Plan Quarterly updates