About Us

Since 1994, Cenpatico® has offered full services for under-served areas. Cenpatico® started out as a group practice of behavioral health clinicians. We have never lost our passion for serving people.

Our members are enrolled in publicly-funded programs including Medicaid (TANF), CHIP, ABD/SSI, the Child Welfare System, and Medicare.

Cenpatico® offers agencies, health plans, and states ways to deliver better healthcare service.  Our areas include managed care solutions for behavioral health, foster care, specialty therapy and rehabilitative services, specialized school services, and community re-entry programs.

We are a national leader in care management. Our programs are created to fit the special needs of each community we serve.  We work in many states and are very involved locally.  Our members receive care from local teams that truly understand their needs. We continue to present new clinical efforts across all states.