Our Parent Company

Centene and CenpaticoCenpatico® is a wholly owned part of Centene Corporation­®, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Centene is a top managed care company that powers Cenpatico’s information systems. This company offers our clients an advantage when creating special options for their members.


Centene started out as a single health plan in 1984. Today, we are a leader in the healthcare services field.  It is still one of our main goals to deliver results for our sponsors.

Centene’s main belief is that quality healthcare is best delivered locally. This local approach helps us to provide high quality healthcare to our members. Our managed care model uses programs that can only be delivered well by a local staff. This creates better jobs in the areas we serve.

Centene does not just have health plans in the states we serve. We work with our health plans and other healthcare companies to provide better services. In addition to operating locally based health plans in the states we serve, Centene offers a full range of healthcare solutions for the rising number of uninsured Americans. We also contract with our health plans and other healthcare and commercial organizations to provide specialty services such as behavioral health, life and health management, managed vision, telehealth, pharmacy benefits management, and medication adherence.